Penelope Cruz Long Hairstyle - Messy Brunette Prep School Hair!

Penelope Cruz Long Hairstyle
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Welcome back to prep school Penelope Cruz in this ridiculous long brunette hairstyle. Isn’t she out of high school? Auburn hair color can work on some people but not Penelope. This is a light auburn color with darker roots. The light is washed out and with the roots it makes you think Penelope needs her hair redone. On top of needing her color retouched, Penelope needs a bang trim in the worst way (I am hoping she is just trying to grow them out in this picture). The bangs are too long so Penelope is pushing them to the side but what side did she want them to go to? Penelope’s hairstyle is just an outright mess here. The make-up looks like she rolled out of bed and slapped on lipstick to match day old eyes. Overall, none of this is doing anything for her. Penelope usually can dress down or up and look outstanding, but here she looks like she is sick with a cold and didn’t care one bit. Her skin even looks blotchy and not healthy at all. One thing Penelope could have done was use a bronzer and some foundation so help create a healthy glow. A long brunette hairstyle we hope never to see again from Penelope Cruz.

Face Shape:Round
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