Meg Ryan Short Hairstyle - Straight and Choppy Bob

Meg Ryan Short Straight Hairstyle
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A look back at Meg Ryan at the Golden Glode Awards in Beverly Hills when she was nominated for Best Actress in the Movie “You've Got Mail”.  If you remember in the movie she had a short hairstyle that flipped out a little at the ends. Meg has taken a different approach with this hairstyle. It uses the same length but instead of rounding and framing her face she has opted to straighten the hair allowing the hair to fall vertical. One thing we like about Meg is her minimal use of accessories in most of her images. Many woman have the features that allows for large, in-your-face, style accessories but that just does not work with Meg Ryan. On the whole, this hairstyle lacks the general energy we come to see when looking at Meg Ryan but it does provide a look at a different hairstyle one can achieve from short to medium length hair. A simple suggestion to make this hairstyle work wonderfully would be a cute barrette pinning back the bangs on the left side of her face effectively draping them over her ear. It could add character and energy while still staying with Meg's minimal accessories style. Pictured is Meg Ryan from 1999.

Length:Medium Length
Face Shape:Heart Shaped