Medium Length Hair Styles

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Medium Length Hair Styles

If you are looking for a hair style where the length is between your chin and shoulder, then you have come to the right page. Medium length hair styles offer great diversity as you can go from medium to short by just pinning or braiding your hair up... not something you can easily do with long hair.

What defines a medium length hair style? We are generally looking for hair that falls no longer than shoulder length. This is a perfect length for the working professional woman as hair that is medium in length can be easy to manage, less intimidating to others, and yet turned into a playful and fun style for going out on the weekend.

The medium length can also be very effective in helping define the shape of the face. If you have a very round face and want to thin it down, create a hairstyle that is straight and covers part of your face. If you have a very narrow face, you can give the illusion of width by adding more volume to your hair thus giving a round look.

Medium length hair is just long enough to add some cute braids and it's perfect for the hairstylist to work with for weddings, formals, and up-dos. Celebrities love this length as well and we see many celebrities transition to this length in their career.

Are there downsides to this length you may ask... and that is an interesting question. Generally this length is what is considered a safe length. Going really short, in general, makes a statement and people notice that. Beautifully styled long hair can also make a high impact. Think of people saying, “Wow, she has beautiful hair.” That is something you generally do not hear with someone that has medium length hair because the hair is not laying in folds down the shoulders and chest. It does not mean you don't have beautiful hair, you just need to be more creative with your style and that is, hopefully, where we come in.

Medium length hair is often just a transition period for most people. What we see is that people with medium length hair appear to be teetering between growing it out or going short. Generally, the person has already gone short and is now trying to grow it out again. This can be the perfect time to play with the style of your bangs and try a variety of looks to see what works best for your a face shape. Try pinning your hair back, test out ponytails, curl it, add waves to it, layer it, dare we say crimp it.... no we dare not (unless you are trying to look like someone in the 80's for Halloween). The moral of the story is, you've got a bunch of options with this length.

Although not as dramatic as a short hair styles or long hair styles, medium length hairstyles are something that can cover a huge range of looks for the modern woman. Check out our gallery of images and celebrity styles. We hope you find one that inspires you!

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