Mary J Blige Short Hairstyle - Blonde and Beautiful!

Mary J Blige Short Hairstyle
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Poised, sophisticated and elegant is what best described Mary J Blidge in this photo. Her hair actually shines and sparkles with fantastic darker shades close to the scalp. It’s an ingenious way to create the height and stature. Seeing Mary with this gorgeous hairdo and you can’t help but admire her. She looks confident and smart. If you peer closely at her hair, it isn’t your typical cut and dried updo. There’s a lovely twist and turn along the forehead that creates texture and movement. Obviously, she has used hair spray to keep her hair in place but the hint of movement because of the ways her hair has been styled makes her hair look soft and natural with no sign of stiffness. Complimenting her hair are those amazing earrings and chic blouse. The entire image is faultless except for one teenee weenie problem. Is that a tattoo on her right arm? In our point of view, Mary J Bilge would have been absolute perfection but because of that mark on her arm, she only gets a 99.9% nod of approval. This is the person you want to imitate if you have to go to a formal event or you need to impress someone.

Face Shape:Heart Shaped