Kim Kardashian Long Wavy Hairstyle - Creating a Beautiful Shine!

Kim Kardashian Long Wavy Hairstyle
© Joe Seer /

While Kim Kardashian is always elegant, she has that tendency to always incorporate bombshell beauty in her every photo. Surprisingly, this is one of the few photos where that obvious attempt at being sexy isn’t obvious at all. This is Kim in a clean-cut glam look with soft, glossy hair brushed to one side. Her make-up is simple which begs the question why she has to always try to look like a sexy woman when not trying gets better results. The only flaw with this hairstyle for Kim is that it emphasizes her wide cheeks and large ear. Her eyes appear to also be wide apart and that elicits a second more serious glance. Is that really Kim Kardashian?  She rarely pulls her hair to one side but the times she does do, it has a signature tuck behind one ear look. It’s not a favorite Kim look especially since she’s past her teens and into her early 30s. She might as well push a flower to complete the look. We do love the fact that she keeps her neck and chest bare because it draws in on her perfect skin. If you have skin like Kim, you should copy this fashion moment. It is far more effective than putting layers and layers of accessories or jewelry. Kudos to Kim for her restraint.

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