Jenny McCarthy Wavy Hairstyle - Incredibly Beautiful Blonde Elegance!

Jenny Mccarthy Wavy Hairstyle
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Incredibly beautiful hairstyle from Jenny McCarthy. She shows us how classic elegance can play into a stylish and exciting hairstyle. This is how you make an impact on the red carpet and show people you know what's hot and trendy. Jenny is showing us her lovely blonde side swept hairstyle with curls that hug her right cheek. Volume is added to bring height to the hairstyle and to help create character while also framing the face. A beautiful purple dress matched perfectly to this lovely hairstyle. Expertly applied makeup shows off her gorgeous light blue eyes. Jenny has gone with red on the lipstick and in this case it works but often we see more of a pink matched with purple and pink is a color I would have preferred to see on Jenny's lips for this outfit. The pink could have tied the look in perfectly while matching her blue eyes and purple dress. Jenny McCarthy loves to play with her hairstyles and this blonde side swept hairstyle was a wonderful choice.

Face Shape:Square
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